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Congratulations to BHGLAAR's 2018 Board of Directors!
Tuesday, Jul 4, 2017 @ 12:28 AM

Last week concluded what was the highest turnout for a BH/GLAAR election with a non-contested presidential election.

With a turn out of 13.2% of members - slightly down from last year, we would like to congratulate the following individuals:

2018 President-Elect: Marco Rufo
2018 Treasurer-Elect: Ryan Hass
2018-2020 Directors-Elect:
Tracey Clarke
Ben Eubanks
Jose Casarez
Anthony Vulin

All of these leaders have been deeply involved with making BH/GLAAR a leader in the industry.
  • All are C.A.R. directors
  • All either currently hold, or have held leadership positions on BH/GLAAR committees
  • Almost all have served as BH/GLAAR Board members as well
  • All are actively involved in the day to day business of real estate
  • All are accessible to YOU as well

We would also like to congratulate the two candidates who also ran but did not win in this election -

Runner up for treasurer - Robert Kronovet - who has been an excellent treasurer in 2017, and will serve as a C.A.R. director in 2018, as well as being selected as an alternate to our NAR directors.

Runner up for Board of Directors - Marty Geimer - who has served as our Charitable Foundation's chair this year, is a past president of the association, and has been incredibly engaged in this association's growth.

We are blessed to have such great leadership, and would like to encourage each of your growth as leaders as well.  If you are interested in getting more involved, CLICK HERE and we will work with you.

Additionally, many of you had comments that you left for us.  And we want you to know we heard them, and give you some answers -

  • This was very easy to use (6/16/17 at 9:40AM)

Thank you, we've worked to try to simplify it each and every year.

  • Loosen up the requirements for candidates.  There is something very wrong with one of the largest boards in the country not having a choice on President of the Board (6/16/17 at 12:13PM)

Good feedback, you can read the requirements HERE, and they were designed to make sure that the directors are informed and involved.  That said the Board is currently revising our governing documents, so if you have any specific ideas, please feel free to email me - [email protected] - CEO.

  • I vote Monique for being president of everything (6/16/17 @ 1:10PM)

We couldn't agree more!  Except for the whole staff cant run thing...

  • Thank you for having this e-voting process- saves time and money: not doing the mailing paper voting process (6/16/17 @ 1:19PM)

Hey, thanks.  You're right, eliminating the mailed ballot saved over $15k last year alone - $15k we can put into member benefits instead!

  • The system works great! (6/16/17 @ 1:43PM)

Again, thank you!

  • I already call for NO VOTE (6/16/17 @ 1:45PM)

If you're referring to our Call For Action we advertised to oppose SB 231, THANK YOU!  For everyone else who wants to keep cities from being able to assess a property tax without a vote of the people, CLICK HERE, If however you are referring to something else, please let me know how I can help.

  • Anthony Vulin at the Collective Realty ROCKS!!! (6/16/17 @ 4:11PM)

Completely agree, and we are excited to have him on next year's Board of Directors!

  • Way too much information on additional pages you get trapped into.  Leave all the extra crap off and make it more simple.  LIKE VOTE HERE >>>> ON THE FRONT PAGE IN RED!!!! (6/16/17 @ 5:01PM)

Thanks for the thoughts.  We try to make it easy, and we will work on simplifying it between now and the next election.

  • Well done. Simple and easy. (6/16/17 @ 7:57PM)

Thank you very much, we try to not waste your time!

  • Hi Chip got the Reminder! Aaron (6/19/17 @ 3:44PM)

Hi Aaron, got the note! Chip

  • "GO TRACEY" (6/19/17 @ 3:51PM)

She did a great job, and we are proud to have her  continuing on the board!

  • Good job, thanks for all your hard work. (6/19/17 @ 9:05PM)

Happy to do it, thanks for supporting your industry!

  • None at this time. (6/19/17 @ 10:42PM)

Me neither... at this time!

  • For the candidate statements, they should be accessible as a drop down below the photo and name of each candidate and not take the voter to a page to read each candidate's statement.  This way the voter can view statements all on one page for side by side comparison. (6/21/17 @ 9:59AM)

Good thoughts.  We contract with an outside vendor to do this in order to ensure the elections are tamper proof.  I will discuss this idea with them, and see if we can find a solution that works.

  • I could not vote for all of them because I do not know them.  Oh well... (6/23/17 @ 4:38 PM)

Sorry to hear that.  These candidates represented 3 sitting committee chairs/ vice chairs, 3 past committee chairs, and all are C.A.R. directors.  We see them at the office regularly, and we are reaching out to offices as well.  Feel free to reach out to any of them, or me, and let's get to know one another better!

  • Yes very (6/24/17 @ 12:20PM)

Completely agree.  Wait, is this a Ghostbuster's reference?

  • Excellent choices (6/24/17 @ 1:02PM)

It's a tough balance between wanting more candidates and having great ones.  I believe with this association we can have both, but I agree, these were some great leaders to choose between.

  • Ryan Hass should be President (6/24/17 @ 2:36PM)

He is indeed a great leader, and maybe he will run next year.

  • YouTube presentations were helpful (6/26/17 @ 7:16AM)

Thanks, Chris Bowen from our office worked hard to get them up.

  • Thank you and God Bless You Everyone (6/26/17 @ 10:32AM)

Very kind of you, and yes, we are all blessed to have this leadership.

  • I know none of these people so i do not care to pick one (6/27/17 @ 10:01AM)

Fair enough, I hope we can change that.  Come on by and say hi, I am sure they'll be around.  Or we could come to your office if you like.  Hit us up!

  • We need to enforce Ethics and integrity back into our business (6/29/17 @ 2:01PM)

I could not agree more.  Want to know something pretty great?  Our Professional Standards and Grievance Committees have been our strongest pipeline to leadership @ BH/GLAAR.  Including the guy you just elected president - who is our chair of Professional Standards, several of our sitting and elected directors, and the chair of Grievance is on the board as well.  Good people to be around, and great leaders to be guiding our association!

  • Need more choices for president (6/30/17 @ 12:05PM)

BH/GLAAR is looking for ways to get there - but to make sure that the leaders selected are engaged and well respected in organized real estate.  The only way we can change things - such as the suggestion in the last comment - is by influencing our neighboring, state, and national associations to commit to ethics on the level we have.  The goal of BH/GLAAR's leadership is to lead this industry - not just respond to it - luckily the leaders we've picked are developing that pipeline. 

Thanks again everyone, and if you have any other suggestions, please let us know!  We are here to serve you, and are pleased to do so.

Also, want to be involved?  Join a committee TODAY!

Let us know if you are having any issues.
We'll respond accordingly.