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BHGLAAR Presidential Message: Where Was Your Voice?
Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017 @ 06:29 PM

The 800 C.A.R. directors from across the state made a bold decision in October. They chose to promote a ballot initiative aimed at assisting those over 55 in being able to move and still afford to live in California.

In doing so, they also passed along a $100 assessment to each and every one of the 192,000 REALTORS® in California in order to pay for this effort.

And they passed this with about 3 weeks to go before the 2018 dues went out to the membership.

Whether or not this is a worthy cause, or a good time to do this, I was deeply concerned about the way it was done.

Along with several other directors from our area, and across the state, I spoke against the motion. I felt that many of you deserved to have more hearing, discussion, and explanation before we passed such a large change in the cost to be a part of our profession.

Ultimately this effort to support the initiative and pass along the cost was passed by the C.A.R. Board of Directors, and as an organization it is our duty now to educate ourselves on the matter, faithfully communicate it to our fellow REALTORS® and clients, and make sure that we remain as the industry focused on promoting home ownership in our state.

My question to you however is… Where was your voice in this?

It has long been said that you can not change the system from the outside. To that end the Beverly Hills/ Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS® has been focusing on getting our REALTOR® leaders into influential positions at the state and national level, and our influence is growing. However we can not continue to make the necessary changes without your involvement.

Here is what we are asking:

1) If you have questions about the C.A.R. assessment, reach out to C.A.R. and ask them.. We also have a great write up – that C.A.R. is now using for other associations – on our website – check it out!.http://bit.ly/2018DuesAssessment

2) If you want to get involved in the campaign for these initiatives, keep on the look out for information.. We will need:

a. Signature gatherers

b. Precinct Walkers (think working your farm)

c. Speakers and Advocates

d. And of course – fundraisers and donors

3) If you want to be involved in these decisions in the future – reach out to us, let us know, we want to help get you to these meetings to influence the future of our industry.

This is OUR industry, OUR business, and OUR organization.. No one will fix it other than US.

Thank you,


Karen Misraje

2017 BH/GLAAR President

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